Songs for a Nation CD + DVD [LIVE IN STUDIO]



Over the last five years, we have tirelessly traveled to over fifty nations spanning six continents raising up an indigenous expression of day and night adoration to Jesus. On this journey our lives have been forever marked by the nations, cultures, families and the passionate sound we have heard rising from the hearts of true worshippers. From lowly slums to rising downtowns, from dangerous war-zones to sprawling suburbs to the most isolated nations, a global cry of worship is truly filing the earth! This is why we were created.

This project features twelve songs from twelve fascinating nations that have gripped our hearts. They are anthems of prayer, hope and faith written on location and documented in the context of the communities of our best friends. The sounds, melodies, and rhythms caught and creatively composed feature an eclectic array of ethnic instruments from around the world. Beyond the incredible stories behind them, there is a tangible Presence of God resting on every song that will stir your spirit with faith for all God is doing in the nations today. 


This album and documentary represent a beautiful collision of nations, family, humanity and hope. 

Songs for Nations CD + DVD