High Point NC Furnace Launches in Chamber of Commerce

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

by Zac Hagerty, Mid-Atlantic Regional Director USA

In January we were invited to meet with local pastors and key leaders at the Chamber of Commerce in High Point, North Carolina. We have been praying and asking the Lord to open the door to launch a furnace in High Point for almost a year, but felt that we were supposed to wait for an open door. We began to share vision of what it would look like to partner with the city to host a day of worship and prayer and felt such a shift in the atmosphere. We knew that this was the open door we were waiting for.

They were so inspired by the testimonies of how the burn furnaces are shifting the atmosphere over regions and revitalizing cities from the place of worship they offered to host the launch of Burn High Point in the Chamber of Commerce conference room!  We were invited to host the first worship and prayer service in the same room where city officials and business leaders vote on budgets, city jobs and the well being of High Point. On March 16th launched Burn High Point with over 120 people packed into the conference room. It was the most racially diverse and fiery burn we have ever had.

We were told this would be the hardest city to host burns in, and that many people would be closed off to the idea. We saw many physical healings, prophetic words released over the city and individuals from all walks of life. There was such a strong release of the presence that there were physical healings in the restaurants surrounding the Chamber of Commerce throughout the weekend. The Lord showed up in such an amazing way, it was better than we could have ever anticipated.

We felt the Lord release Isaiah 43:18-21 - to forget the words and things of the past, and see that He sending a river to a wasteland! We are continuing to see this word come to pass! We are continuing to partner with city leaders with invitations to host worship and prayer outside of church venues! Talk about a great inheritance! Believe the word of the Lord for your cities and regions! Partner with Him to release worship and prayer throughout the earth and watch the doors open! 

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