Burn 24-7 First Nations

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

Our story.

Our Bodiford Clan and a very close friend of ours ventured for a week, covering 10 states, 39 hours of driving, making our way to Crow Agency, Montana. This outreach was truly divine and started with a fellow furnace asking us to worship back in May.

A lot of people don't truly understand the calling that God has placed upon my heart to reach 567 federally recognized tribes and the 460 that still are not. That is 1,027 that my family and I desire to reach in our lifetimes. For a little over two years, we have flown under the radar, building relationships, reaching God through prayer, and He continues to guide us how to execute the vision of us to see a (First Nations ran) furnace on every reservation in the continent of North America.