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Updated: Apr 7, 2019

Our story.

Our Bodiford Clan and a very close friend of ours ventured for a week, covering 10 states, 39 hours of driving, making our way to Crow Agency, Montana. This outreach was truly divine and started with a fellow furnace asking us to worship back in May.

A lot of people don't truly understand the calling that God has placed upon my heart to reach 567 federally recognized tribes and the 460 that still are not. That is 1,027 that my family and I desire to reach in our lifetimes. For a little over two years, we have flown under the radar, building relationships, reaching God through prayer, and He continues to guide us how to execute the vision of us to see a (First Nations ran) furnace on every reservation in the continent of North America.

Here is a little background and history that may help those see why we're after the First Nations. I am of a high percentage of Chippewa decent, descending from the Turtle Mountain Chippewa Reservation in Belcourt, North Dakota. My mother was born there back in 1961 and placed up for adoption through Catholic Services. She was later adopted by an Irish family and brought off the rez. Although many would agree that her upbringing was privileged, she had a number of identity issues that were deep set. Her entire life, even after they adopted her, she was tormented with inner demons...so badly, that the family that adopted her, had to adopt me as their own. You can take the child off the rez, but never can fully convert the rez out of the child. Our adoptive family was a mix relationally with God, so we never learned the fullness and love that God has for us. We were used to the negativity side of the church that had good intentions, but didn't know how to connect with cultural understanding. Our reservation is one of the highest poverty nations statistically and a large percentage battle daily with drug and alcohol abuse. This results to the mass suicides and a lot of it is due to past hurts and the loss of identity.

The generational curse was placed upon me at birth. Although, blessed and privileged with a loving family that could give me more, I felt constant shame for being Native American. I went through a period where I would not claim my ethnicity and if someone asked me on paperwork, I would check off that I was "white." I barely came to terms with my mother, until she was on her death bed with cancer (from years of self abuse), machines keeping her alive, but crying out to God. She had tried to find God on her own, but kept getting let down by the church. There is a long past of deep hurts, historically, so this is s

omething that has been going on generations before my mother and I.

Years later, God came to me in the midst of a horrible time in my life. He forever changed my heart and outlook on everything. To make a long story short, I have never looked back and I keep following Him, like a leaf blowing the wind.

Burn 24-7 First Nations was fully ignited on the eve of Rosh Hashanah over two years ago after months and months of prayer. There is so much impact and power behind Natives reaching Natives. So, in the past couple years, we have partnered with several Native American evangelists throughout North America, building relationships, all with the same mission and heart...To reach our people, bringing them back to First Love and secondly to protect them, by training non-natives on the cultural differences. So, you may notice that in this blog post as well as future ones, I will not be posting pictures of us with groups of children like you see when many go on mission trips to Haiti or any picture that would be considered disrespectful to any Native's privacy.

Crow Agency, MT

August 15th, we departed from Texas to Crow Agency, Montana for the Jubilee of Hope (a Native ran evangelistic event). We carried our trained team of six in "Big Green Leaf" (our 1999 Suburban), with two kids, our "Susquehanna" pup, all of our camping gear, guitars, drums, keys, amps, 4 freshly smoked briskets, with a borrowed trailer in haul. We arrived in the evening on the 16th and settled in our camp.

For four days, we loved on the Crow Nation...and all of this happened...

⦁ Thousands heard the Gospel

⦁ Hundreds were saved and gave their lives to Jesus Christ

⦁ Over a thousand were fed (burgers) and prayed over

⦁ People were drastically healed...(just a couple of the instances..a man's hearing restored, a man had pain and pelvic issues, his leg grew and pain no longer...)

⦁ It poured down rain and so did the Glory of God

I may have left this short and sweet, only because this isn't the end and God has so much more in the process....

-Antoinette Bodiford

Be sure to stay connected with our Burn 24-7 First Nations outreach on Facebook here as they pursue their vision to plant a furnace of worship to Jesus on every native American reservation.

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