Our Story

In 2006 the Burn 24-7 was kindled from the flames of a series of spontaneous, all night, dorm room worship gatherings on the campus of Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma. These meetings were an expression of raw hunger and passion for the presence of God as students fasted sleep and cried out to God through the watches of the night. Soon, outgrowing the tiny dorm room, these grassroots gatherings eventually moved across the street to a Christian owned coffee house. They began to host regular all night worship events with teams of musicians and intercessors from multiple churches ministering to the Lord in two-hour shifts. The sound released was a raw, prophetic cry of a generation longing for another move of God. Eventually word spread and local pastors began to open the doors to host, what became known as the Burn 24-7, in their churches. This simple model of hosting monthly 24, 36, and 48-hour worship and prayer gatherings in different churches across the city became a core component of the young movement.

This holy experiment spread like wildfire and many cities in the region began to launch monthly worship gatherings. By 2007 there were close to 20 communities, in cities across the world that took the name Burn 24-7 and utilized this simple model. Since that moment, the Burn 24-7 has exploded to over 300 locations across the world and has pioneered several training schools and sent out dozens of mission teams and several full-time missionaries.