Iraq Trip 2018

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What Are We Going To Do?

Our mandate is not to simply join with the rest of the world in cursing the darkness, but we're going to light a candle.

It’s easy to join the tirade of politicians, pop-stars and the news media in cursing this vehement evil. Even without great spiritual discernment, they know this is wrong. But we must do more! We have to!  We now have a trained and equipped long-term strategy team living in Iraq to evangelize to the lost, mobilize aid to the refugees, equip local church planters while training pastors and worship leaders across the nation of Iraq. Moreover and intertwined with all we do, we will be  worshipping our guts out. We will sing from the city streets to the front battle lines and back again. There is already a booming indigenous Kurdish prayer and worship movement rising out of the ashes of this crisis! The Amos 9:11 "Tabernacle of David" mandate is the only response to every 9-1-1 crisis facing humanity: His Presence! To this end we will pour gas on fires already burning while igniting new flames throughout the hopeless refugee camps.

Due to security concerns, I cannot delve deeper into the details of our operation. We have trusted relationships with the Kurdish Pershmerga, Iraqi Ground Forces and the officials over the IDP (Internally Displaced People) camps. Our plan is laid out with great intentionality, prayer and the open door of hearts across the region.

“I will make the valley of achor a door of HOPE.” - Hosea 2:5

The doors to the gospel have swung wide open to this war-zone more than I’ve ever seen anywhere in my 20 years of traveling the nations. 

June 2, 2018 - June 13, 2018

Cost: 3000 usd