Frequently asked questions

How do I get a Burn 24-7 email?

Contact your regional director to get set up with a burn email. A burn email is essential to your connection with the global movement. You will receive updates from Burn 24-7 founder, Sean Feucht, testmonies from around the world, and regular reminders of global connect points (calls, conferences, etc.).

How do I get a Logo?

Once you have followed the steps of "starting a furnace" (found on you can submit a request for a logo to Ruthie Stocklin,

How do I get my furnace listed on the website?

Once you are a fully functioning burn furnace your location will be displayed on the burn website. Contact Ruthie ( if you do not see your furnace listed.

Where can I pay my tithe from my furnace to Burn 24-7?

Use the giving tab on the menu of the Burn Website or App