The Burn 88 Project: Furnaces in Every County in Ohio

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In the summer of 2013, the Lord told my wife Cindy and I to go into every county in Ohio to release worship and judicial prayers from the court house steps of each county seat. If you didn’t know, we have 88 counties and this seemed to be a huge task at first but the Lord supernaturally provided and led us for 55 days straight. He gave us clear instructions on how to do it, and we completed the assignment in so much victory! One of the things we prayed for was that Worship would rise from all 88 counties and that the hidden Davids - the psalmists of each county would come forth!

Two years later, in 2015, the Lord told us ‘Now its time to go find those David’s and bring them out from their fields and places of hiding. I want you to raise up worship furnaces in every county in Ohio working with Burn 24/7 and partner with what I’m already doing on the earth!”

So after much prayer and sharing the vision with Burn 24/7 founder Sean Feucht & Regional Director Adam Miller, we launched The Burn88 Project with the mission to help raise up a Burn furnace in every county in Ohio. There were three furnaces at the time (June, 2015) and we are looking at 25 furnaces by the end of Sept, 2017. Praise God for His plans and ways. Many have asked us how this was possible to help raise up 22 furnaces in little over 2 years and all I can say is, when the vision and mission is directly from the Lord, HE makes a way and makes it happen. Yes, that requires ‘partnership’ from our end and it’s been an honor and joy to co-labor with the Lord to see Amos 9:11 manifest in these counties.

It’s been organic since the start. Driving from county to county, meeting with old and new friends, casting the vision of TB88P to worship leaders and psalmists and helping them understand the DNA of BURN 24-7 to hosting Burn previews and getting them plugged into the Burn family and finally seeing these Davids take their place and release their sound and see their city and atmosphere shift with the sound of heaven - WOW! It’s been an amazing journey that we have thoroughly enjoyed.

I (Joseph) am from India. I’ve lived in crowded, big cities all my life and for me to come and drive all over Ohio (mainly through corn fields) and worship in front of every court house in the state has been quite the ‘culture-shock’. But as we were on that journey, the Lord instilled in my wife & I a deeper love for Ohio. We realized later on that the Lord was giving us a ‘lay of the land’. That trip changed our lives. It changed the sound of our worship and brought forth so much alignment and prepared us in many ways for TB88P, even though we didn’t see it at the time.

For those who are reading this, I wanna submit this to you: Ask the Lord for a deeper LOVE for your city, county, state and nation. When our hearts are aligned completely with HIS, we’ll drive any distance… we’ll start any number of furnaces and we’ll do it all over and over. There is no burning out when our hearts are filled with His love for the mission that’s before us. This kind of love brings authority. No door can stay shut when you enter into a region. He makes a way where there is no way and will lead you into the fullness of His plans.

Pray for Ohio. Pray that we are continually filled with this love and authority to see worship furnaces raised up in every county in Ohio. 88 might seem like a big number but as our state motto goes - “With God all things are possible”. All of Ohio will burn for Jesus one day. Its our prophetic history and its our prophetic destiny. The heart of the nation when set on holy fire will lead the nation in the prayer and worship movement. To GOD be all the Glory! Amen!

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