Taking David's Harp into Saul's House: Testimony from Sacramento Capitol Burn


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Ever since 2011, we have followed a prophetic word spoken to us by our friend and mentor to "Take David's harp into Saul's house". Fueled by this charge from the Lord we held our 7th annual Incense Rising gathering from the steps of the California State Capitol. 

As the Burn 24-7 here in Sacramento California we have held multiple conferences, consistent monthly Burns, and even a 50 hour Fire on the Altar gathering. But I can honestly say that no other event that we hold carries with it such a weighty expectation and mantle as going to the governmental center of our state and pitching the Tent of David and prophesying hope. 

This year was no different and God was faithful as always to show Himself strong on behalf of His lovesick bride! He spoke to my heart at the end of 2016 to plan much farther ahead and we put June 17th on the calendar as our big day! Little did we know the momentum that God was already releasing in the Spirit in building up this day as His day to gather His lovers from all around California to give themselves to believe for revival to be released in their cities and regions. 

In late January I received an email from the leader of the California state Capitol intercessors that a Hispanic pastor had visited the Capitol and heard God tell him to move everything to this city because He was going to release a revival from the Capitol and he was to be a part of this gathering. God specifically told him this gathering was going to be June 17th!!!!!!!!! ONLY JESUS! He was charged by God to gather as many pastors from around California and host a prayer meeting inside the Capitol building itself. Little did he know that we already had this day on the calendar and thus this crazy journey took and EPIC twist! 

God ALWAYS shows Himself faithful! As we began our pre-gathering leadership pray gatherings we had a friend walk up to us and pay off the entire event for us! Multiple prophetic words continue to flow in about God's plan for California and America. So much momentum carried us into June 17th....then the day arrived! 

Forecasts predicted the hottest day of the year - 108 degrees....REALLY JESUS?? Even with the heat, there was a grace that God granted us from the very first note that was played! Inside that Capitol building we had 2 rooms where 6 straight hours of prayer was released. 1 room on the first floor was for all intercessors and in room 444 on the 4th floor was reserved for pastors and ministry leaders from all around California to pray together believing for revival in their cities. 

During this same time there was an outreach going on in a park about 5 blocks from the Capitol where teams were feeding homeless and doing acoustic worship sharing the love of Jesus to many people. We also had the privilege of partnering with YWAM Sacramento as we sent teams into the Capitol mall to share the love of Jesus and pray with people. It was a glorious time of people encountering Jesus in our city as the Tabernacle of David was pitched for 8 straight hours releasing the New Song from the governmental center of the great state of California! We are full aware that testimonies will continue to stream in of all that God has done. 

The one thing that I have taken away from this years gathering is the One Thing that I am constantly reminded by the Holy Spirit in the secret place - What we do in secret WILL BE rewarded openly! It is so easy at time to have an expectation and even be fueled by the anticipation of how many people we think might show up to these events! The One Thing cry inside to be in His Presence constantly is the fuel behind why we do what we do! Yet my human side often gets my eyes off that target and wants to see multitudes gather around this One Thing cry! There is nothing wrong in and of itself to desire the multitudes to encounter the glory found in the secret place but God ALWAYS reminds me that the Fire we keep burning on the altars of night and day worship is the fuel in the unseen realm that prepares cities and nations for the End Time outpouring that brings the great harvest to pass! We may never see how much our sacrifice our prayer and worship altered the destiny our our cities and regions until we get to the other side, but HE IS OUR REWARD! He constantly reminds me that He is our reward! Revivals come and revivals go, but He remains the same and He never leaves us!

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