Refugees in Greece

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We just returned from Athens, Greece where we worshipped and prayed in the middle of the Euro refugee crisis. Our team was originally in route to Northern Iraq but we were rerouted twice due to travel bans. It would’ve been easy to get discouraged, but we all decided to respond to the call to bring light in to dark places. The Lord totally hooked us up in Athens! We worked with some of the most amazing refugee organizations in Europe.

Our team hit the ground running from the moment we arrived in Athens. Our first night we shared the gospel and served meals to 200 refugees, many of whom are muslim. Even in the midst of language barriers and meeting practical needs we were sowing seeds of hope into really broken situations.

When our team wasn’t serving in the refugee centers we were out worshipping and ministering in the streets and city squares of Athens. We met many Muslims who were drawn to the sounds of guitars and ukuleles filling their sidewalks. Our first night of worshipping in the city square we met a man from Pakistan. We received a word of knowledge about a back injury, we prophesied over him, prayed for healing, and watched his leg grow as the Lord completely healed him. He was so excited he called his family and told them of the encounter he just had. On our way home, we met a man who was slumped over with a needle in his arm. Two from our team jumped at the opportunity to pray with him. He wept as he encountered the love of Jesus and the heart of the Father

One evening while worshipping in the red light district, we met a 15 year old boy from Syria who was living in an apartment near by. He said he came to see us because he felt peace when he heard the music. He was walking with a limp and had a bandage on his knee. We prayed for healing, sang a prophetic song over him and he was completely healed and began walking as normal! He told us this was the first time that he ever heard the Gospel or had someone tell him about Jesus!

We connected with a local house of prayer that was ramping up to launch 30 days of 24/7 prayer with IHOP. A man came in a few minutes before our team began leading, and during our set he fell out in the spirit and woke up speaking in tongues. He shared with us that Jesus visited him in a dream and told him to wait 24 days and then to come to the house of prayer. Three days before coming, he decided he need to be baptized, so he looked up how to do it on youtube and baptized himself! The Lord totally rocked him, healed his shoulder and filled him with Holy Spirit. The craziest part about this testimony is that 24 days earlier, our team was still planning to go to Iraq. The Lord orchestrated every encounter along the way.

A few days before we left, we visited a Kurdish refugee camp. We spent the day singing, dancing and playing with the kids as we heard stories of persecution from these families. We worshipped in the camp and were able to pray for and encourage many of the Christians who have fled terrorist groups in the Middle East. We made bracelets, handed out candy, played games, and soaked in the joy of the Lord.

From refugees to Greek Orthodox; Athens is so open to the Gospel. I’m more convinced than ever before that the world is only dark because we don’t light it up. We felt there was so much fruit because we honored the Lord’s heart for the nations, and He honored our enthusiasm . We put our primary focus on the worship of Jesus, and from that place we were filled with His heart for Athens. All of heaven stands at attention when you live a life of adoration of the Son of God. I love what Paul said when he preached in Athens (Acts 17:28)- for in Him, we live, move and have our being!

The doors to Athens are WIDE open! Every person we met had an encounter with Jesus. One of the directors of one center we worked at asked if we could keep sending teams in to Athens to establish a worship school. He said the impact of the vertical worship was undeniable, and restored his hope in the western church. 

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