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  • Undisputedly the earth’s most fierce warzone: Northern Iraq.
  • An exodus of Biblical proportions: 1.8 million displaced peoples.
  • Tens of thousands of Kurdish, Yazidis and other defenseless people groups brutally murdered – most of them being women and children. Millions more are on the run.
  • Unrestrained and heinous acts of evil - Muslims killing Muslims.
  • Numerous failed attempts of Western Powers to quell the violence while bring peace and stability.
  • 33.7 million unreached people who have never heard the Good News.
  • The earth’s most urgent tragedy opens the door for the greatest hope  of global harvest and transformation in our lifetime.
  • This is our reality NOW.

We are the BRIGHT.

The light of the church has always shone her brightest during the darkest nights. This was true in the Bible through persecution, famine, plagues, corruption and Anti-Christ empires. It has been the track record throughout modern-day revival history. Never known for a legacy of intimidation, isolation, fear or passivity, the resilience of the heroes of the faith before us sets a precedent that we humbly follow. The greatest advances in the kingdom almost always happen during the days of greatest trial. The church THRIVES through the darkest nights “shining ever brighter until the full light of day” (Proverbs 4:18).

The nation of Iraq is in a dark night desperate for the bright dawning of a new day.

The Boundary Lines Have Fallen

Although we have been very engaged in the nation of Iraq over the last few years (including a trip I was on shortly after the fall of Saddam), we are officially adopting the war-zone of Northern Iraq as a major focus and thrust in 2015. “OUR boundary lines have fallen in pleasant places, surely WE have a delightful inheritance” (Psalm 16:6).

We are tracing the borderlines around the nation and imprinting them on our prayers, hearts and the humble walls of our Burn 24-7 furnaces across 150 cities globally. We will raise up a firewall of prayer and activism for the people as we BELIEVE for dynamic breakthrough in 2015.

To quote the great intercessor Reese Howell’s while he mobilized day and night prayer for breakthrough over the Nazi invasion of Europe:

“No great event in history, even though prophesied beforehand in the Scriptures, comes to pass unless God finds His human channels of faith and obedience. Prophecies must be believed into manifestation, as well as foretold.”

We are not living in presumption with our prayers, hopes and dreams for Iraq. We are living with a full heart of faith responding in obedience to the Great Commission.

What Are We Going To Do?

Our mandate is not to simply join with the rest of the world in cursing the darkness, but we're going to light a candle.

It’s easy to join the tirade of politicians, pop-stars and the news media in cursing this vehement evil. Even without great spiritual discernment, they know this is wrong. But we must do more! We have to! Beginning next month, we will be sending in trained and equipped short and long-term strategy teams to evangelize the lost, mobilize aid to the refugees, equip local church planters while training pastors and worship leaders across the nation of Iraq. Moreover and intertwined with all we do, we will worshipping our guts out. We will sing from the city streets to the front battle lines and back again. There is already a booming indigenous Kurdish prayer and worship movement rising out of the ashes of this crisis! The Amos 9:11 "Tabernacle of David" mandate is the only response to every 9-1-1 crisis facing humanity: His Presence! To this end we will pour gas on fires already burning while igniting new flames throughout the hopeless refugee camps. 

Due to security concerns, I cannot delve deeper into the details of our operation. We have trusted relationships with the Kurdish Pershmerga, Iraqi Ground Forces and the officials over the IDP (Internally Displaced People) camps. Our plan is laid out with great intentionality, prayer and the open door of hearts across the region.

“I will make the valley of achor a door of HOPE.” - Hosea 2:5

The doors to the gospel have swung wide open to this war-zone more than I’ve ever seen anywhere in my 20 years of traveling the nations.

The time for our response is NOW.

How Can You Engage?

Pray. Give. Go. This is pretty simple and VERY biblical. While everyone may not be called to number 3 on this list at this time, EVERYONE can engage to fulfill the needs for 1 and 2.

“Pray that the message of our Lord may spread swiftly…”   - 2 Thessalonians 3:1

As I’m kept up tonight praying, dreaming and believing with God for dynamic invasion of Heaven on earth over the hellish circumstances there, the reality is that NO ONE is called to do this alone. It is a calling far too big and far too dangerous for solo heroes.

We need an army of intercessors and sacrificial givers. We have already raised a considerable amount to kick-start this yearlong project, but much more is needed. Where the needs are great, the finances to fill those needs are also great. But we are the Body of Chris – full of resources, faith and provision.

So What Am I Really Asking?

I am asking for everyone reading this to pray 60 seconds everyday for project in Iraq and people on the ground. That is approx. 0.00069% of your entire day. Pray for safety, wisdom, guidance and discernment and whatever God lays on your heart.

I am also asking you to fast 1 latte a week for the year and sow that into this project. That is approximately $208 per year ($4 times 52 weeks). If you can give more, then we will squeeze out every last penny over the nation. If you can give less, God will honor your gift.

Lastly, I am asking few of you (just a few) with a mandated calling for Iraq and the /Middle East with prior missions experience to actually GO with us. You can find missions details and applications on our website.

For praying, giving and going, please visit: http://www.burn24-7.com/

To show the burning of my own sacrificial heart, we are designating all monies from our online store for the remaining month to be 100% designated for this project (http://store.burn24-7.com/). Buy as much or as little as you can and all of it (YES, ALL) will be directly entirely for this Project: LIGHT A CANDLE.

Until His goodness and fame are known across Iraq,

Sean Feucht  

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