Hundreds of Hungry Hearts Converge for First Alabama Furnace Launch


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For the first time ever, Burn 24-7 has expanded into the US state of Alabama! Below is a recap of Birmingham's amazing launch night, as written by their local furnace director, Brian Hunt.

As I reflect on what God did at our launch, all I can say is God came and He came in a powerful way. I was uncertain of how many would come, but I was trusting Him. I knew He had given gave me a word and He is faithful to accomplish it. As the launch night approached, I went into it, with eyes on him and a heart saying, “I trust you completely”. On launch night, we had a team leading pre-service prayer and you could hear the roar coming from that room as they set the atmosphere. They were hungry for God. You could feel His tangible presence in the building. When I opened the service and looked out into a full room, I was amazed of the hunger in the room. This day had been a day many of these fathers and mothers have prayed for. One after the other have told me, “We have been longing for something like this.” On March 16th, we struck the ground in Florence, Alabama, and when the first note was strung, it was evident by His real, tangible Presence.

That night, we were challenged by evangelist Daniel Norris. The one thing he said that I will never forget is “Let us stop seeking revival, and start seeking for the Reviver. When He comes to town, the revival comes with Him.” That is our pursuit. We long for the habitation of the Reviver. We long for Him to come and touch our city and to touch His people. It’s time for us to give Him full access to every area of our lives, so that we may carry what He has called us to. So that we may be carriers of the fire of God and to burn like never before. We have heard so many powerful testimonies of God coming and changing lives forever. We have heard stories of Him touching hearts that once cold, coming to life and now are burning again, those that were complacent are now off the side lines running again, as one put it so well. Here are just a few testimonies from that night:

"I just love everything the Lord did at Burn 24/7!! I’m so stirred up with my hunger just to see God move and keep doing things like this. I just want everything He has for me and His people, I want to keep pursuing and being so on fire for Him. God never disappoints a true seeker.” – Grace

“I came in skeptical of this, but when the music started, I felt a presence I never had encountered. I’m thankful to God, and Mr. Brian for following the word of the Lord. I’m ready to burn!!” -James

These are just a few of many who were touched by God, and are burning for this city and this region. This is only just the beginning. I can’t wait to see what God does through this amazing place. We have not come to start a movement. We have come to stand on the shoulders of fathers and mothers before us and see prayers answered and trails continued to burn for the manifestation of awakening in our city, the state, and our nation as we burn together. I leave you with this: The floodgates are open. Let us jump into the river of God and see our cities transformed until all are reached. Let us be a people that settle within ourselves that we will not let the fire on our altars burn out. 

Brian Hunt, Director
Burn 24-7 Birmingham

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