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Last month, 20 students from around the world gathered in South London for Hillside Intensive 2017. For 6 days, they left jobs and sacrificed holiday time to join in a community wholly seeking the Lord above all else. Many came with heavy hearts and fear-ridden experiences, eager to see God heal and restore, to hear Him speak and move, but none could guess the incredible work our God did in just one week!

Within the first 24 hours, our Hillside family was squashing fears and stomping out lies! During a prophetic worship session, one by one, each and every student went to the front and sang their own unique new song into the mic. Guys who had always been ‘just the sound guy,’ girls who had never sung in front of another human being in their life, those relegated to back up vocals or not even allowed to sing in their church. ALL let their unique song out! And as they did, we all erupted in celebration as our family reclaimed everything that had been stolen from them.

But the Lord likes to go above and beyond, and this week was no exception. He didn’t stop with just breaking spiritual strongholds and lies, He began to regrow and restore relationships, dreams and even physical bodies!

One student who hadn’t spoken with her father in months received a phone call from him, and with her Hillside family’s support and love, she went to dinner with him during the week and came back full of hope at the reconnection the Lord was beginning. Another student had long since given up on the idea of belonging to anyone or anywhere. As he vocalised his fear and shame, we gathered around him in a massive group hug and sang the truth over him, that he BELONGS in this family! And that we are so happy to have him! Another student suffered from epilepsy for years, even suffering from a seizure during the school. We prayed as so many others have, but it wasn’t until she went to the doctor a week later that she was able to confirm- she was healed!!! The doctors literally can’t explain why the space in her brain that has caused seizures for years is suddenly shrinking!

Dreams and hopes flourished as students and staff alike chose one another and chose His Truth for themselves. The week ended with 8 being baptised or re-baptised as a prophetic statement. What began as 2 planned baptisms, quickly spread until half the students had jumped in fully clothed, all to declare that the old is dead and the new has come, and that God IS good and He IS alive! In their lives, and in the UK!

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