Haunted Happenings Salem, Massachusetts

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Eight years ago I found myself in a church prayer room with 26 youth and young adults worshipping and praying for 48 hours in the middle of the largest Halloween party in “Witch City”: Salem Massachusetts. On Halloween night 200k people travel from all over America and the world to celebrate Halloween in Salem as they host the largest Halloween party in the world: The Haunted Happenings. Eight years ago we showed up to fight against darkness for the destiny of a city. We came to war against the power of witchcraft. To overthrow the throne of Satan! We wrestled, we cried, we pounded the floor.

The following year we returned to fight again! But this time our prayers led us to the streets. The lame walked, the blind saw, the deaf heard, the spirit seeker found Christ, the lost came home, hurting were healed, and the city of Salem experienced the power of God’s great love for her. That's when we realized… There is no war to be won, no battle to be fought, no enemy to wrestle, just a bounty of brands to be plucked from the fire. Halloween, Salem, and the witches are not our enemy they are the greatest platform for love to be revealed. God was jealous for Salem and no “enemy” or work of darkness was greater than His love. Our fight turned into our celebration, our tears turned into our laughter, our battle cries become anthems of hope and joy. Salem was not a battle ground. Salem was a beloved bride waiting for her victor to be revealed!

Fast forward 8 years and here we are again: Salem Massachusetts for Halloween. Surrounded by 175 wild, on fire, lovers of Jesus singing and dancing with abrasive joy for 60 straight hours. My 2 and half year old daughter dancing in circles and waving flags laughing until she fell over. I realized in that moment of watching her in the middle of the largest Halloween party in the world that WE were the life of the party in Salem! We were the greatest carriers of joy because we knew how much the Father loves Salem and desired to reveal His love to them! We were not at war. We have been in a perpetual victory party for over 2000 years since Jesus overcame evil! Now we reap the spoils of sons and daughters coming home!

At 6pm on Halloween night, after the community wide open air seance, we commissioned 175 people broken into 32 teams on the streets to lay hands on the sick and see them recover and to prophesy over the seekers and bring them into clarity of God’s love for them. In two hours those 32 teams ministered to 750 to 1000 people. Some people waited over an hour to get to our teams. Lines of up to 50 people formed waiting for a word from God. Incurable diseases were healed, years of pain were ended, broken bones were mended. But most importantly many people gave their lives to Jesus in a genuine and dramatic way! Jesus was the life of the Halloween party, Jesus was made famous in Salem, and the burners around the world came together to prove God’s great love in whats been called one of the “darkest” places in the world! 

Jamie Dickson

North East Burn Director 

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