BurnWagon USA 2017 Recap - Dozens Saved and Healed Across America

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Just a few weeks ago we launched our tenth Burn Wagon. In those ten years we’ve sent out dozens of teams all across North America, visiting over 150 cities along the way. We have seen thousands of people instantly healed in churches and on the streets, and hundreds give their lives to Jesus. Even more people than I could possibly count have experienced the love and presence of God for the first time in their lives. God has done big and mighty things through the hands of mostly inexperienced children. It never ceases to amaze me what God can do through those who say YES! At the beginning of the year we had a vision for our ten-year anniversary. Four teams and Forty people. We were going to send a team to every corner of the United States. It was going to be the biggest year we have ever had! This Nation was going to be rocked to its core. I could feel it in my heart that God had something massive in store for us. But rarely do our ideas of massive look like what God’s idea of massive looks like. Everything seemed to be going our way until it didn’t. Through many obstacles and changes, we ended up with one team and fifteen people. It was a total Gideon and his army of 300 moment. We had a massive nation in front of us to conquer, yet God saw it completely fit to send a team of 15 zealous believers to conquer it. We had no choice but to go along with it. After all, who am I to tell God that His plans won’t work? Being on the other side of this trip and looking back, I can tell you with full confidence that God moved on this nation in a way I’m not sure I’ve ever seen before.

We were in Helena, Montana to be a part of a Burn that was happening at a park in the middle of downtown. Because our team was full of fun, crazy and zealous people, we decided that we would do outreach in the farmers market that was happening right next to the Burn, by holding up “Free Hugs” signs. With two giant signs in our hands, we proudly marched through a crowd that consisted of hundreds upon hundreds of people. After the burn had finished and the farmers market closed, we headed to our van. As we were walking back some of the girls on our team noticed a woman sitting at a table by herself. As we approached her it was very clear that this woman was hurting. She was dressed in all black, wearing pentagrams around her neck, and had fresh wounds on her arms from where she had been cutting herself. These girls on our team simply began to love on her. They told her she was beautiful and she began to break down in tears. She kept asking us why we would stop for someone like her. She told us that all she had ever seen was darkness. The only thing she has experienced her whole life was the demonic. We asked if we could invite Holy Spirit to come touch her. She agreed and so we began to pray. As we prayed she began to cry even more. By the time we had finished she looked at us and proclaimed that she could see light. She said that she could see the difference between the demonic and Heavenly realms for the first time. She mentioned that she never felt loved in her life by anyone until she met us. She ran off because her ride had arrived and we parted ways. As we climbed into the van, God began to break our hearts for this woman and we wept. I understood the heaviness in the heart of Jesus. This woman’s life was forever changed. I would have done this whole trip for only her if I had to. I couldn’t help but realize that this was exactly how the gospel was supposed to look.

That same night we had planned a night of ministry with the youth. Kids and teenagers from several different churches throughout the city came that night to be with us. There were around 40 of us in a room praising and worshiping Jesus, asking for more. As we finished I began to feel this heavy fire deep inside of me. I knew God wanted to do something with these kids. I began to pour out my heart in front of these kids, telling them testimony after testimony of the things we have seen God do. I told them of some of the signs, wonders and miracles that followed our teams wherever we went, simply because we were willing to step out and see God move. I called out around 10 words of knowledge I had received and the first four were for one girl. I called her up to the front to pray for her. I told everyone in the room to gather around, because they were about to see a real-life miracle, as several had shared they hadn't previously. Everyone came in as close as possible, and I told the three girls to command her leg to grow out. One after another they all proclaimed healing over this girl, and her leg grew out! I’m not really sure what happened after that, as the room completely erupted. People began to run to the front of the room to get healed. Everyone was shouting, praying over each other, and seeing God break out. A football player with a torn ACL and MCL was completely healed. A lady with poor vision had her eyesight restored. Several people had their legs grow out! People were healed of migraines, lower back pain, stomach problems. There were easily 30 different healings that happened in the matter of a few minutes. Two kids who came that were not Christians, but after witnessing what I just shared they came to the front and gave their lives to Jesus! We saw God do in an instant what some have labored to see for years. God broke out simply because we invited others to know Him like we know Him.

Early on in the trip we visited the Crow Agency in Montana, a Native American Reservation. We were told about a festival that was happening in town the night we were staying there and decided to go and pray for people. It ended up being a fairly small and intimate festival where we stood out among everyone else as we were mostly 15 white people who very clearly didn’t know what was going on. I really shouldn’t be surprised at this point by God’s faithfulness to show up in any situation; yet, it always amazes me when He does. Every person we talked to was completely receptive to us. We even had people approach us so that we could pray for them! One of my favorite stories that came out of this evening was from a little boy I talked to. He had a brace on his right arm so we approached him and asked him what had happened to it. He told me that he broke it, and that it still hurt. I told him that Jesus wanted to heal his arm and take all the pain away, so he agreed to let me pray. I prayed a quick and simple prayer over him and asked him if he felt any difference. He began to smile and then started to laugh. He boldly proclaimed that there was no more pain in his arm, and that he could feel his arm being healed! He told me that he knew Jesus loved him because he healed him! Just like the leper Jesus healed, he proceeded to take off his brace and ran up to several strangers telling them that Jesus had healed his arm!

There are so many more testimonies we experienced as a team. These were only a tiny handful of the amazing things we saw God do. There were nearly 100 people instantly healed, 6 gave their lives to Jesus for the first time, and so many others got to experience the love of Jesus. As I began to write this I became overwhelmed by all that I saw God do on this trip. I never would have thought just one team and 15 people would be the answer to my prayers to see revival in America. Yet He used what would seem foolish to the world, to shake principalities of darkness all over this nation. We will never fully understand how much breakthrough we have brought through these trips over the past ten years, but all I know is that God is moving and He isn’t done yet.

This fall we are going to be taking a Burn Wagon strike team to Salem, Massachusetts for the first time ever. We will be joining with Jamie Dickson for the Haunted Happenings outreach that happens every year during Halloween. We are excited to be a part of 70 hours of continuous worship and the massive outreach that happens on Halloween night. I fully believe that we are going to see incredible things happen and that God will break open Heaven over every witch, warlock, drunkard, addict, party-goer and citizen in Salem. Come join us and be a part of what God is doing in America!

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