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In the midst of 60 hours of unending worship and prayer we trained and mobilized 120+ to heal the sick, interpret dreams, and prophesy in the midst of the largest pagan party in the world: the haunted happenings in Salem Massachusetts on Halloween. We call this the Love Project: Loving on Jesus, Loving on people, seeing city transformation.

We ministered to over 1500 people, witness over 200 measurable miracles on the street. Led dozens of attenders to Jesus. Saw legs grow, metal in backs disappear, deaf ears open, and blind eyes see and the list goes on.

One of the most remarkable of these miracles was a lady with her daughter who came to our healing tent. Upon arrival she informed our team that she had stage four terminal breast cancer, and was given 4-6 months to live. She had come to Salem to spend quality time with her daughter before she passed away. Our team prayed with her, wept with her, prophesied over her and encouraged her to go to the doctors in faith immediately after her time in Salem. No contacts were exchanged, just a hope filled encouragement and blessing.

A week after Halloween in Salem, our church was contacted by the town of Salem's office administrator. She was asking for our permission to give out our email address because an unknown woman was obsessively contacting the town of Salem looking whoever the people were that ran the tents on Halloween. We gave them permission and that night got an email that said:

"I met some people from the Love Project in Salem. I was drawn in by the FREE HEALING signs. I told the man who greeted me as I approached that I was battling stage four metastatic breast cancer. He took me into the tent and sat me down with three great people who prayed for me. Before I left they asked God to take may cancer away. They prayed that when I got my next test results that they would come back cancer free. I came home and that's exactly what happened. Three doctors read the results of my last pet scan and the cancer was GONE!!! They all said its a miracle. I have been healed! I am cancer FREE!!!" - Denise

We have been corresponding to her and she is refusing to be silent about her healing and her whole family has been transfomred by this miracle. Just a week ago our friend on the town council in Salem MA contacted us to let us know that the mayor of the city pulled a meeting together to discuss Halloween night, and the street activities. One very well esteemed councilman stood up and said:

"You all have heard the story of a stage four breast cancer patient coming to our city. Meeting one of these teams, being prayed for, and healed of terminal cancer. I don't know how that all works, but I do know that we need more of that in our city!" 

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