75 HR Mega Burn Berlin, Germany


Posted 2017-05-31 16:29:00 -0700 by /articles?author=debbie-wright

Approx. 6000 extra police men and women were shipped into the district of Kreuzberg in Berlin from all over Germany for the 1st May this year. This is the date, which is known for violence and a total lockdown of this part of the city, with the extreme right-wingers and extreme left-wingers marching and rioting. In the previous years, the arrests have been several hundred. This year the number of arrests was in the 40s with the police and press stating 2017 as the most peaceful 1st May for thirty years! Parallel to these events, we gathered underneath in a prayer basement for the Megaburn. A team member writes: a group of us went into the middle of the masses at MyFest to join the party and share love with people at a demonstration and street festival. We took a "free hugs" and "free healing" sign and stood out to see if anyone would take us up on the offer. One by one people came up for a hug, and our corner soon turned into a crowd. We asked if anyone had any pain in their body and wanted to be healed, and one by one we saw 60 people healed by the love of Jesus in two hours! Chronic pain gone. Headaches gone. Hands healed. Knee pain gone. Ankles restored to the point where crutches weren't needed anymore. Drunkenness replaced with clarity. Depression replaced with joy. People receiving Jesus and experiencing God's presence. We even saw a newcomer from Syria get healed and join us with his friends to invite others to join in. From the old to the young, everyone encouraged us to keep at it, to keep loving and living like this. Heaven is all around us.

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