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08.09.16 / /  Jakarta, Indonesia

There are still no words to fully describe or emotions to contain all that happened during the “10-Year-Anniversary” Global Burn 24-7 leadership summit last week. In the same city and community we gathered in last week, I prayed prayers about a global worship, prayer and missions movement to arise with fiery and wild DNA and storm the nations of the world with the Presence of God. It was a surreal moment stepping into the fulfillment of so many promises and dreams I’ve been holding in my heart since I was 16 years old. Those that gathered from the corners of the earth were the fulfillment of those prayers! I was trying my best to just keep everything together and not break down in tears of gratitude, humility and thanksgiving the entire time!

Close to 200 leaders streamed into Virginia Beach representing over 20 nations to celebrate the past decade of God’s goodness showering and sustaining our lives, families, cities and nations. Clear vision and strategy was imparted to press into the next decade with expectation, vision and tenacity! Honestly, with all these powerhouses in the same room together, we could have just sang “Kumbaya My Lord” and drank latte’s and it would have been the best time ever! But with every smile, prayer, hug and laugh, I literally could feel the pleasure of the father in the room. It was His pleasure at the immense sacrifices made and the lives laid down for love. I do not believe I’ve ever felt that so strong before with a group of people. It was like one big family Holy Ghost reunion together - the closest thing I could ever imagine heaven being like.

Provoked by Faithfulness

The father of the modern prayer movement and founder of IHOP-KC, Mike Bickle, flew into join the party. He leads the global prayer movement from a prayer room in Kansas City and spends 12-14 hours a day in faithful devotion and prayer. It literally takes an act of God for him to leave his post although he gets invited all over the planet for historic and significant events. We were so thrilled to be his ONLY TRIP this year (besides flying to meet with the Pope). His messages on “The Fire of First Love” and “The Beauty of Jesus” inspired, re-fired and encouraged us to stay the course and never graduate beyond what got us here in the first place! The faithfulness and authority he carries is unlike anything I have ever seen and we were honored to have him, Stacey Campbell and Charles Stock (my pastor) launch us into the next decade together! The faithfulness, integrity and resolve of these three pioneers were inspiration enough to never let down and stay the course.

Following the most epic and glorious leadership gathering in the history of the Burn 24-7 movement, I hopped on a plane bound for the largest muslim nation on the earth. Though I was unbelievably tired from the Global Summit and still in process from all God had done, I knew this trip to Indonesia would somehow fit into the storyline of God’s masterplan. I truly did underestimate the significance of all that would take place on this trip.

Seeds Planted

Over 9 years ago, a small group prayed during the Burn in East Texas for freedom and breakthrough among Muslims worldwide. It was still a time that marks my life and stamped Middle East destiny squarely our hearts. During this prayer meeting, one of the intercessors saw a vision of the island chain of Indonesia in the hand of a dark and demonic figure. This man could control and manipulate the islands shaped like a rod in his hand. As we sang and released adoration to Jesus, the grip loosened in his hand and the island began to be set free. We did not even know at the time that Indonesia was the largest Muslim nation in the world and carried massive global influence for Islam. Actually we were shocked as were focusing more on the Middle East and never even thought of nations in Southeast Asia!

We immediately acted on the vision and responded with the first ever Burn 24-7 mission trip with 30 leaders to Bali a few months later. Following the success of that initial trip (including gathering 3000 people for the first Burn in Indonesia), we rallied and commissioned a long term team to the jungles of Borneo for one year to raise up an indigenous worship and prayer movement! We had no training schools, no programs or procedures developed yet but our hearts were burning in response to the vision. We sent the team by faith and with little resources or even good ability to sustain them! Thank God they all survived that year (barely) and the seeds of the BURN DNA were deeply planted in that nation.

The Little Flicker

The burn throughout Indonesia has now grown and many capable and strong leaders have rallied to see furnaces ignited across every island of the nation. We find ourselves smack dab in the middle of a divine moment in the nations history! The hand of God is moving across the nation with such ferociousness that every 7 seconds a Muslim is turning his heart to Jesus! The governor over the city of Jakarta (approx 15 million) is now a devout Christian and church continue to explode in number! It feels like a holy culmination and God has ignited the hearts of so many leaders, politicians, businessmen and people of influence across that nation to rebuild the Tabernacle of David (Amos 9:11, Acts 15:16). Last week was proof of that as we held the first Burn in the nations capital of Jakarta. It was not hosted in a church or typical house of prayer…but was in a high end shopping mall! Prayer and worship is filling the churches, streets, homes, university campuses and even shopping malls!

The Burn was also not just in any mall, but the most famous and luxurious one in the entire country! This is just a prophetic picture of the words from the prophet Malachi coming true in our day. Literally “every place” (even high end shopping malls) the incense will rise (Mal 1:11). This simple yet powerful testimony of the Burn raging across Indonesia is just a sign of God’s faithfulness of the last 10 years! We could share stories after stories just like this in all of our nations, cities and communities around the world. At the end of the day, it all point to one thing - HIS FAITHFULNESS! I am continually BLOWN AWAY that God will take the little flicker that we feel is often so weak and use it to ignite hearts across an entire nation! What a family we are apart of and what a God we serve!

So take heart my friends, pioneers, dreamers and burners!!! We are 10 years deep into this dream of God and He is continually proving his faithfulness over and over again!

Let us charge forward into a new decade with reckless abandon after His presence and His heart!

“Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful.” - Hebrews 10:23


All my love and exploding expectation!


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