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Burn 24-7 Field Training - Launch a Movement | Sustain Revival

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"It is only when we return to the first commandment that we are empowered to live out the second commandment. It is fulfilling the Great Commandment that leads us into the Great Commission. It is the fire that leads to the fragrance. It is deep intimacy that leads to true advocacy."

Sean Feucht, founder of Burn 24-7



Burn “furnaces” host monthly, weekly or daily sessions of unending worship, prayer and adoration that can last from 12 hours up to 100 hours non-stop. Worship teams, representing churches across the city, take 2-hour shifts to worship, pray and to contend for revival in the church and transformation of cities and nations 



Furnaces Planted


of hours of prayer 


nations reached 

"After this I will return & rebuild the tabernacle of David... so the rest of mankind may seek the Lord"

Acts 15:16-17


Did you know we have over 300 locations across the world?

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The Biblical and historical model shows us that worship, prayer and encountering God’s presence is the precedent for a dramatic increase in the salvation of souls. The church of Acts encountered God for ten days in the upper room and then ignited a missionary movement to the known world

(Acts 2:1-4). Jesus appointed the twelve to first of all “be with Him” before they were called to “Go into all the world” (Mark 3:16, Mark 16:15).

We are a First Love Movement

The central focus of the Burn 24-7 is to call the church back to the first and greatest commandment given: to “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. (Matt 22:37, NIV).


We are committed to living lifestyles of teaching, modeling and imparting the value system of the Kingdom to impact the earth. Get equipped to join the global worship revolution through our Hillside worship intensives, Field Training online school and other special events.

We are hope-filled dreamers

We have the hope that Jesus is always willing and able to “exceedingly, abundantly” (Eph 3:20) beyond our wildest dreams.  We carry foolish audacity to believe that all things are possible with Him. We are a tribe that lives from heaven to earth and not from earth to heaven.


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Testimonies from Burn 24-7

Sean Feucht

founder of Burn 24-7

Sean Feucht is a husband, father, missionary, musician, speaker, author and founder of a grassroots global worship, prayer and missions organization; Burn 24/7. His lifelong quest and dream is to witness a generation of burning hearts arise across the nations of the world with renewed faith, vision and sacrificial pursuit after the Presence of God. He travels to 20-30 nations per year planting furnaces of worship and prayer, training, mobilizing, leading worship and speaking.

Sean has produced, recorded and released 20 music albums, co-authored 5 books, numerous teaching resources and has ignited several global missional initiatives. He is married to his high school sweetheart, Kate, and is obsessed with their three children: Keturah, Malachi and Ezra. In August 2016 he and his family moved from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to Redding, California to be a part of the Bethel Music community.